Friday, March 25, 2011

install iceweasel 4 from unofficial apt source in debian

this week , the mozilla them release the famous web browser , firefox 4

but for debian users like me , there is still no official firefox in debian official apt source

i hate the debian iceweasel , it's still keep in iceweasel 3.5.x , even in unstable

but today , i can install iceweasel 4 from

just pick up which version of debian and which version of iceweasel , then check out the apt source , update source list settins , and install it

that's it


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  2. But apt-get complains that 'iceweasel needs xulrunner 2.0', and says xulrunner-2.0 only show up in experimental :-(

  3. Sorry, please ignore my previouse post.

    Just found that the LMDE entry in my /etc/apt/sourcelist produced that problem. Now it's ok.